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Rely upon Accurate Roofing and Siding LLC for your entire commercial and home roof needs. Since 1987, we've offered complete roof and outside systems services in NJ and Pennsylvania. We have been a family-owned and managed company that established high standards right from the start and built long-term success through focused effort.

Protect your premises with roof covering systems that are affordable, durable, and versatile! Get the reliable roofer services that established Accurate among the top Northampton, PA Roofing Contractors.

When you select Accurate Roofing & Siding, you're guaranteeing the best quality materials and workmanship for your roofing job. We work hard to attain the best performing roofing structure and beautiful, customized exterior personalized to your preference and budget. We will make sure that your roof can last for a long time and effectively stand up to the test of time.

Accurate Roofing and Siding installs and replaces home and commercial shingle and flat roofing systems, and gutters. Vinyl and fiber concrete, aluminum siding, natural stone exteriors, home windows, and doors--we offer complete external systems set up. Siding exteriors are completed with decorative moulding, and accent details to establish your own style.

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Your Roofer and You: Partners in Maximizing Your Roof’s Longevity

The roofing system is your home’s first line of defense against the ravages of Mother Nature. Keeping it in good condition is the best way to make sure that your house can withstand everything that seeks to return it to the elements: wind, rain, heat, cold, snow and ice.

Regular maintenance and repair are the simplest ways to avoid those costly repairs. An experienced Northampton Township, Bucks County, PA, roofing contractors knows the areas of your roof that are most prone to failure and understands how important it is to fix minor problems before they become major ones.

Incorrectly -Ventilated Attic Traps

An incorrectly ventilated attic traps the sun’s heat, causing it to overheat and your shingles to fail prematurely. It can also increase your summer cooling costs and lead to the formation of destructive ice dams in the winter. Roofing experts recommend one square foot of combined intake and exhaust ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space.

Shingles that have become Unsealed

Shingles that failed to seal can be blown off by straight line winds, leaving your roof vulnerable to rain and eventually resulting in leaks. If you see shingles on the ground after a thunderstorm, call your roofer and have them replaced right away. Promptly replacing missing shingles can help you avoid a premature roof replacement.

Faulty Gutters and Downspouts

Faulty gutters and downspouts can lead to foundation problems as pooling water seeps into your basement or crawlspace. Have your gutters inspected and cleaned out twice a year to prevent problems.

Regular Roof Maintenance a Must

Proper roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof, but even with attentive maintenance, your roof will eventually need to be replaced at the end of its serviceable life. If your roof is more than ten years old, or if the shingles are cupped or cracked, it might be time for a new roof. Reputable roofing contractors can help you decide between repair and replacement of your roof.

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